HES Store Manager


Consumer Experience

 Lead the HES workforce from the front and to deliver floor management strategy to Huawei senior management on a weekly basis. Be a role model to partake in servicing consumers

 To address any consumer complaints within 24 hours. Report the incident on consumer complain folder and share with Huawei senior management team.

Service Excellence

 Inspire the HES workforce to recommend suitable solutions to our consumers based on HUAWEI Experience Style

 Support training if necessary including preparing the material and deliver the training when it is required.

 To ensure all team members complete all necessary product and soft skill trainings within expected time frame, and validate their skills to meet our business needs.

 Address any substandard customer service observations shown by HES workforce and record the incident for future reference. Share the observations with Huawei senior management on the weekly basis. Any performance improvement dialogue must be recorded and share on weekly basis with Huawei senior management team.

Sales Focus

 Perform daily briefings with HES workforce to set expectations on all product category sell-out plan.

 Lead the workforce to deliver monthly sales plan and new product launches expectation.

 Actively study traffic patterns and heat map on a weekly basis and strategize the information for weekly store manager meeting.

 Manage the performance of the workforce and to identify opportunity to support the workforce to deliver results and KPIs through additional training or performance management.

 Compile sales trend report on a weekly basis to be presented for Huawei senior management.

 Take proactive role in business forecasting initiatives such as products and gifts, and report to Huawei senior management for support on a timely manner to ensure business goals are achieved.

 Support regional audit team in a timely manner on any sales variations in sales report.

Brand Awareness

 Learn about Huawei Culture and to live on the Huawei core values and becoming a role model.

 Educate HES workforce through daily briefings or one-to-one basis on Huawei core values and brand awareness.

 Ensure HES workforce executes visual and marketing standards based on corporate guidelines and regional directions.

 To walk the store on a daily basis to ensure the store visual standard is world-class. Rectify any variances immediately as per Huawei guidelines and if the issue is severe, report to Huawei senior management for support.

 Ensure operational guidelines related to Huawei Branding are implemented.

 Take the initiative to learn Huawei technology, products and other 3rd party products.

 Capture and recap any consumer or marketing events that are implemented in the store within 48 hours of completion.

Operational Duties

 Open and close the store when it is required

 Lead the HES workforce to adhere to Huawei personal grooming standard and dress code

Maintain a daily handover communication with colleagues or partners to ensure business priorities are monitored at all time.

 Prepare team working roasters minimum 3 weeks in advance and publish the roaster by due dates.

 Report to Huawei senior management immediately when a team member is absence from work without reason or not reachable to justify the absence.

 Report any team member’s performance issues to Huawei Senior Management and Huawei HR before taking any actions.

 Deliver all management tasks assigned by Huawei senior management before deadlines and if extension is required, it is the store manager’s responsibility to inform and apply for extension.

 Communicate business related information only through Huawei approved platform. Do not store or share Huawei’s Intellectual Property or sensitive information on personal or through 3rd party platforms.

 Attend all meetings and training sessions organized by Huawei or Partner on time. All attendance is compulsory.

 Compile and report all data and business related information with 100% accuracy.

 Lead the HES workforce to meet Monthly KPI with integrity and commitment.

 Implement all business initiatives instructed by Huawei senior management team by deadlines.

 Protect Huawei property of any forms but not limited to; such as Huawei’s information, Partner’s information, consumer’s information, Huawei’s physical assets, intellectual property, partner’s inventory, and Huawei Brand to your best ability. Any violations must report to Huawei Senior Management。

 Build rapport with Mall Management to protect partners’ and Huawei’s interests to your best ability.

 Report any structure and facility damages to Huawei senior management before informing Mall Management.

 Report any Mall Management’s bulletins and notices to Huawei senior management team immediately when the materials have impact to store business initiatives or store operational hours.

 Report any incidents that involves customers and government authorities to Huawei senior management immediately when an event arises.

 Inform Huawei senior management team immediately when there is media reporters visiting the store. Refrain from communicating with reporters at all cost.

 Comply with Huawei Business Conduct Guidance in all business dealings with consumers, partners, contractors, colleagues and your team.

 Flex appropriately to meet business needs and support different business locations if required.

Key qualifications:

 Proven ability to drive positive consumer experiences that build loyalty and deliver measurable results and KPIs.

 Strong communication skills to clearly impart the Huawei culture and vision to the team you oversee.

 You have a passion for learning about Huawei technology and products.

 Take an interest in the “why” behind a change.

 Strong adaptability to new information and ideas.You’re willing to learn and embrace HUAWEI Experience Style.

 Composed and professional to balance the diverse needs of a team in the midst of constant change

 Drive important priorities through completion and modify the approach as necessary.

Additional requirements:

 Demonstrated leadership ability with at least 5 years of experience in a consumer sales and service setting.

 Cross-industry experience is welcome- a retail background is a must.

 You read, write and speak English or local language fluently. Additional language ability is an advantage

 You are flexible with your schedule. Your work hours will be based on business needs.

 Minimum 3 years of experience in a store manager capacity of any retail establishment.

تاريخ النشر: ٢٩ مارس ٢٠٢١
الناشر: LinkedIn
تاريخ النشر: ٢٩ مارس ٢٠٢١
الناشر: LinkedIn