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Job Purpose:

  • The Patient Management Advocate is responsible for providing patient support services focused on ensuring an informed, supportive, responsive, collaborative process for all patients seeking and receiving KKT healthcare services. Your ultimate goal is to help enhance the overall patient experience and compliance in our center.

 Primary Duties and Responsibilities

  •  Acts as primary contact and KKT ambassador for new and existing patients. Conveys key messages to patients on company philosophy, history, values, objectives, accomplishments, etc. Promotes patient engagement and participation, shares knowledge and educates patients on KKT treatment, practices and new research etc. Fosters strong business relationships with patients while taking care not to engage or develop personal connections.
  • Responds to patient intake calls, advises patient of program process and expectations. Obtains contact information and general patient history information to identify patient's medical concerns, duration of problem, mitigating event(s), and symptom triggers, etc. Evaluates information to help assess suitability of patient for KKT healthcare services. Prepares and e-mails patient information sheet to prospective patients for completion prior to initial visit.
  • Supports new patients as they participate in KKT's 12-Step Treatment Plan. Provides pertinent information on research, healing, proper sleeping positions, ergonomics, healthy eating, etc. and ensures all patient concerns and needs are addressed promptly and effectively.
  • Track's and monitors patient progress through treatment cycle ensuring compliance with best practices and KKT protocols. Generates weekly (daily) reports on patient numbers, product sales, etc. for management review. Provides initial analysis and highlights areas of concern requiring immediate attention.
  • Works closely with attending physician(s) to improve knowledge and understanding of treatment protocols. Utilizes this information to provide value-added service to patients - educating clients on KKT practices and providing superior customer service.
  • Liaises with clinic staff to assess and evaluate the quality and efficacy of work practices and actively seeks avenues to enhance the patient experience.
  • Monitors and follow-ups with patients who have not continued through with maintenance program. Contacts individuals to assess patient status, educate the patient on the benefits of on-going healthcare and encourage scheduling of regular appointments. Actively seeks opportunities to promote KKT initiatives and solicit referrals from existing patients.
  • Tracks key milestone events for patients (i.e. birthdays, anniversaries, deaths, etc.) and informs attending physician for the purpose of further enhancing the patient experience.
  •  Assists in the development of educational brochures and corporate media used in the on-going education of patients and partners while ensuring compliance with KKT International protocols and templates. Ensures media is updated and includes any new information. Prepares regular newsletters updating patients on current events, research milestones, etc. Seeks new and creative ways to engage and educate patients.
  •  Participates in KKT sponsored community events in order to educate the public and professionals on spine related concerns and the treatment breakthroughs available through KKT.
  • .Helps to set up local Hotel and Transport services for out of town patients to and from clinic to enhance the KKT experience.
  • Engages in cross-training activities, seeks opportunities to share company-specific knowledge for the purpose of building a stronger, cohesive team and actively participates in learning opportunities supporting personal and professional growth.
  • .Identify the high risk patients and take mandatory steps before they become non-compliant
  • Should learn the use of calipers to help in community or organizational based screening programs
  • Help in data lection for research studies, keeping records and securing the medical reports of patients who are selected for case studies or other research projects
  • May have some basic understanding of KKT treatment machine to help the treatment doctor in treatment room(like setting the analysis of a patient on computer and then adjusting the machine while the physician is examining the patient)
  • Preparing Report of findings and final evaluation reports for patients
  •  Fill in the oswestry pain scores / zung depression scores for patients before and after 12 treatments
  •  Listening to the complains of patients and making the administration or doctor aware of them that are troubling the patients (complains related to his/her health as well as related to staff and administration or procedures)
  • Answering online or telephonic queries, sending letters or educational brochures to patients on behalf of doctor
  •  Filling s like feedback s or any other as per company policy
  • Arranging meeting for patients with doctors who are not improving or unsatisfied patients
  • Helping in arranging online calls or online consultations

 Skills and Abilities

  • Customer service orientation and previous experience with patient recruitment, support and management with goal to increase patient loyalty and retention
  • Strong advocate of KKT
  • Previous experience implementing or managing customer management programs to help monitor, analyze and build effective and transparent patient records, programs and recall systems
  • Ability to interact effectively and in a supportive manner with patients while assuring patient confidentiality
  • Ability to work laboratively as a member of a team and establish positive working relationships
  • Ability to facilitate a lective view of patient care through the coordination of staff and doctor activities
  • Proven time management skills and the ability to manage multiple projects effectively
  • Appreciation for cultural differences and willingness to learn and adapt to these differences
  • Proven ability to work effectively and collaboratively with a diverse workforce across a broad range of educational and professional backgrounds
  • Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of KKT protocols, methodology and operating standards.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Computer literate with an intermediate level knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook)
  • Fluency in English and Arabic (both written and oral) desirable

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor's Degree in medical science as GP or bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy.
  •  Minimum 1-3 years' experience.
تاريخ النشر: ١ أكتوبر ٢٠٢٠

تاريخ النشر: ١ أكتوبر ٢٠٢٠