Tanqeeb.com is the biggest jobs search engine in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.Tanqeeb helps millions of job seekers by providing them with job opportunities from many website, newspaper and internal jobs, As it also assists the recruitment sites to publish their jobs announcements.

Tanqeeb.com gathers/collects and archives the job vacancies from the biggest recruitment sites in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and lists them in a simple search page without the need to browse from one site to another, and through the advanced search options you can find the appropriate jobs which are suitable for you from  thousands of added job opportunities added on monthly basis at various recruitment sites.

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Conditions for placing jobs on Tanqeeb directly or adding sites to Tanqeeb

  • At Tanqeeb.com we find it extremely important that both the job seeker and the employer get the best experience while using the services of Tanqeeb, So make sure you read the terms carefully to make sure your job is matching the approval compliance.
  • All  job positions require the approval of the web manager prior to publication within one working day of the date of submission of the post
  • Your advertisement must be a real actual job, and not a product or another service.
  • The employer should mention the name of the company, not vague names such as "major company", "software company" ... not mentioning your company"s name will make us doubt the credibility of the advertiser and therefore the job will be rejected.
  • It would be more preferred that the Companies use the corporate email such as "A.Ali@example.com" rather than using another free email address.
  • If you have more than one job, do not include it in one advertisement and enter each post in its own advertisement
  • The site has the right to delete the post at any time without any reference (getting back) to the publisher.
  • All the data and information attached to the job are the responsibility of the publisher / the original website and the site is not responsible for the content of the job and is asked by the original publisher.

General tips for job seekers (hunters)

Tanqeeb is a Job search engine we get jobs from all the available sources online and the newspaper. We work very hard to filter the "bad jobs" and we keep developing how we detect the scam jobs to make sure these jobs won't appear on our site. Because we are not sure of the accuracy of a job posting listed in some sites we put three different labels to the jobs Free postings, Recruitment Companies, and Featured Jobs according to how we trust the advertiser. But you should follow these rules to make sure you are on the safe side:

General warnings:  

  • Never pay any amount of money to a company for any reason and report any company that asks for fees.
  • Make sure to ask the advertiser about the descriptions of the jobs and duties of your role in the company.
  • Report any job that shows any discrimination in the job posting or the interview.

If you are applying to a recruitment company:

Check the company and registration number and make sure the company shows the registration number in a visible area in its location.

Tanqeeb has no responsibility for the validity of the job postings

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