51-200 موظفين

Male/Female Nurse

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Babylon Medical Centre (BMC) was established in Oman since 2003. It is an activity of Anwar Babil Co. LLC. It has a target to be first choice locally and internationally. It started its activity in United Arab Emirates recently. BMC through the last ten years created a strong business relationship with many local and international companies through contracts which are lasting for many years. We are providing medical services to more than 48 companies. A good reputation had been built up, the prove of that, there is no single company terminates its contract with BMC since 2003 till date. Our dedicated staff, from different nationalities including Iraqis, British, Jordanians, Filipinos, Egyptians, Sudanese, Turkish & Indians, are technical professional well trained with customer care programs and have a very good experience with hospitality and companies’ staff care. We are able to manage clinics in the heart of congested city as well as in remote deserted areas. Our service delivery system is based on the best quality, immediate response, urgency, customer care and most competitive prices as well. We follow the international and local MOH standards under supervision of international and local auditors with a very strict Quality Control Management system.