MITAN Institute for Occupational Health & Safety

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Mitan Institute for Occupational Health & Safety, your Safety is

ln the leadership of his majesty Sultan Qaboos Mitan trading was founded as local Omani training provider company in the field of occupational safety and defensive driving training. To be the first company of its kind with 100%,Omanization.

The advantage of our  company is to continue in the tender and the provision of training

to our customers in the field of health, safety and environmental courses in leadership as

well as providing training for organizations large and small, in all parts of the Sultanate of

Oman in their locations.

It is worth mentioning that our company is characterized by the existence of an integrated

team with high expertise in the field of training of health and safety and defensive driving.

ln addition to the training in various languages that is the advantage to our advantage in

the delivery of useful information for trainees in their mother tongue. These languages

available to us in the training of Arabic, English and Hindi.