Assistance Prep Cook

We are looking for an ambitious Prep Cook to assist in the preparation of delicious dishes in the kitchen. You’ll perform routine kitchen tasks such as setting up workstations, ingredients and cleaning so that food can be prepared according to recipes.

At least 18 years old
Listening: Prep cooks need to be able to hear and understand specific instructions from their chefs.
Manual Dexterity: Prep cooks will be using their hands to cut and chop food, as well as other tasks.
Stamina: Everyone in the kitchen works long hours on their feet over hot stoves and grills. Stamina is needed.
Teamwork: Prep cooks are part of a team, and in a stressful, fast-paced environment, being a team player and level-headed will help immensely.

Job Responsibilities
Follow the prep list created by- chefs to plan duties
Ensure all food is stored properly
Maintain the overall cleanliness of the kitchen
Prepare ingredients so they are ready to be used by the team, which can entail slicing vegetables, cooking fish, boiling water or anything else
Assist the team with the actual creation of dishes.
Comply with nutrition and sanitation guidelines
Perform other kitchen duties as assigned
Cleaning work

Gross salary: OMR 80/- + tips
Housing: Sharing Bedroom
Food: Included from restaurant 2 meals OR 10 OMR/- monthly.

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الناشر: OLX Dubizzle
تاريخ النشر: اليوم
الناشر: OLX Dubizzle